Well, hello there.

So I decided to start a blog.

Why? A few reasons. Tom (long-term boyfriend) left for Montana for 5 months, which freed up a lot of time. But the big reason? I work as a medical magazine editor during the day. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but I’ve always been interested in writing about food, fashion, travel and other good, feature stories. Writing 5 page stories on the latest hernia mesh doesn’t quite cut it for me creatively.

So, I decided to start blogging. My goal is to start with a few posts here and there about my life in Lancaster, PA. Some may be dedicated to my latest Glossybox (OBSESSED) or a place I’m traveling to for the weekend (since I’m flying solo this summer, I have a bunch of trips planned), or even the best place to get Mexican food in Lancaster County (it’s La Borimex, by the way). The posts will be varied and change depending on my mood and what’s going on.

This is my first foray into blogging, so we’ll all learn what works as we go along. Until then, here’s to Living in Lanc.

— Kendal


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