What’s in the Box: May Glossybox Review


So this is super, super late, but I still wanted to share my thoughts on May’s Glossybox because 1. I only got it last week thanks to late shipping and my week in California and 2. it’ll be one of my last Glossyboxes.

If you’ve read my reviews you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been thrilled with the products included in the boxes each month. And after noticing my medicine cabinet is filled to the brim with unused products (plus that I’m on a strict budget thanks to a surprise $1,200 car repair) I’ve decided that June will be my last Glossybox subscription for the time being. But don’t worry! There still will be plenty of product reviews, as now I’ll be able to focus my money and writing on things that I actually want and need instead of random samples.

With that in mind, let’s get to May’s box. It included some weird products and at least 1 find that I adored. One word to describe my feelings this month: Meh.


Talika Photo-Hydra Day (deluxe sample, full size $50)

This was the one thing that I really, really loved. It seemed to have come at the perfect time, as I had just gotten back from San Diego and had a burnt, red, peeling face. It’s meant to be a moisturizer/day cream that’s activated by natural light. I rubbed this on each morning, and it magically kept my skin looking decent despite the California sunburn. It kept my skin hydrated without being greasy, which is pretty much impossible for most moisturizers. I don’t think I’d spend $50 regularly on it, but it smells lovely and could be worth an occasional splurge.


Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Curling Mascara (deluxe sample, full size $24)

This was another good add. I like Benefit mascaras enough to use them when I get samples, but rarely enough to actually purchase them. This one, though, I think is better than the cult-classic They’re Real mascara. I can never, ever keep my eyelashes curled unless I use waterproof mascara, so I was skeptical of its claims, but they stayed lookin’ pretty even through a post-work run. I’ll consider repurchasing in the future if I have some cash to burn and want a fun splurge..


Rituals Zensation Organic Rice Milk and Cherry Blossom Foaming Shower Gel Sensation (small sample, full size $15)

I was surprised by this inclusion. On my first Glossybox, I received the Yogi Flow foaming shower gel from this company in a full-size product, and I absolutely loved it. It’s slightly disappointing to only be receiving a super small sample this time around, though it’s still just as lovely as the first one. The gel has a nice, light fragrance for summer and I absolutely love how foamy it gets in the shower. If I didn’t go through body wash so fast (Tom loves stealing my girly-scented products), I’d consider spending the $15 for it.


VersaSpa Face Moisturizing Gradual Tanner (deluxe sample, full size $35)

After catching some sun in California, I’ll be honest, I haven’t really used this yet. But, I do have some thoughts on it being in the box. It’s strange to me that a facial self-tanner is included in a trial size. If I use it, will I be walking around with a super tan face and pale body? That’s not really the ideal situation. Plus, I already received a moisturizer in this box, so was it really necessary to include another one? This was a disappointment.


Noixin System 1 Cleanser/Scalp Therapy Conditioner (small samples, full sizes $12 to $50)

This is meant to help stimulate growth for those with thin to fine hair. I, however, have super thick hair (which, by the way, is included in my beauty profile for Glossybox). In the summer, it gets even more thick and wild, so I’ve held off because I’ve heard that it can leave your hair a big, tangled mess. I’ll plan to use it later this year, but again, this was a disappointment simply because it doesn’t fit any of my needs or descriptions in my beauty profile.

Once again, it was an okay month. While I liked a few of the products, at least 3 of them felt strange, out of place and useless. Another thing I didn’t love? The total lack of full-size products. I understand they’re of higher quality, but one of the big appeals of Glossybox was its inclusion of deluxe and full-size products.

I have one more month of it, so be on the lookout for June’s review later this month!


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