My Latest Obsession: Smashburger

unnamed-1I love a good burger. Whether it’s a fancy restaurant, fast food or mom’s grilling at home, burgers are definitely one of my favorite foods, and I love when I find a new one to love.

Which brings me to my latest obsession: Smashburger.

The chain has been blowing up my newsfeed lately, and recently an installment of the chain opened up near work. The other week I stopped by quickly to grab some food before heading out to Jury Duty, and I was hooked.

My good friend Cara loves a good burger too (we practically lived off of them in London), so I knew I had to show her this place.

We met up last night for a quick bite. The chain itself is reminiscent of a five guys: A fast-casual restaurant where you order up front and then they make it in an open kitchen and deliver it either to your table or in a to go bag. It’s cute and modern inside, with several tightly packed booths and tables for those dining in.

The menu, though, is where it gets interesting. Like Five Guys, you can customize your burger, though they also have their own combinations. Cara and I both when with the truffle mushroom burger, which is covered with swiss cheese, sautéed crimini mushrooms and a truffle aoli. They also have several different types of sides, including fried pickles, buffalo fries, sweet potato fries and their smashfries, which are shoestring fries with rosemary and garlic.

The burgers are really, really good. They are smashed down flat, so they’re thin but have a lot of flavor. The additions were also good — the mushrooms tasted pretty fresh and the burger had the perfect amount of aoli to compliment it without having it swim in sauce.

The smashfries were also a delight. They’re super thin and crispy, and packed of ton of flavor.

But, I’d argue that one of the best htings about smashburger isn’t the food itself — it’s the ice cream.


I topped my meal off with a salted caramel Hagan Daas shake, while Cara went with Butterfinger. They were amazing: super thick and creamy, without being too sweet.

The entire experience was really pretty perfect for such a low-key restaurant. My only regret? The calories.


3 thoughts on “My Latest Obsession: Smashburger

  1. If you like smashburger, make sure to sign up for their online club. You get updates on new offerings and occasionally a coupon!


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