A Crash Course in Southern Charm


Hello all! I’m back after a quick trip to South Carolina.

My youngest sister attends Coastal Carolina University, and my mom wanted to make a quick trip down there this weekend. She doesn’t like flying all that much, and asked if I wanted to go with.

The answer was a no-brainer: Of course.

So, we headed out bright and early Friday morning, catching a 10 a.m. flight out of BWI. We arrived in sunny Myrtle Beach just before noon and set off to see Zoe.

We didn’t really have much of plan… except eating of course. We kicked off the visit with a trip to Cook Out (the only place, that I know of, where you can order a chicken finger meal and the side selections include a BLT, corndog or chicken wrap). Cook Out is a southern thing — one of the South’s many charms — but if you ever get the chance to go, please do yourself a favor and order a milkshake. They’re some of the best I’ve ever had, and cost like $2.

After that, we drove around taking in the sites and walking around downtown. The weather was just gorgeous — warm and sunny, but not too humid. With all that walking, we needed to make another pit stop for dinner 😉


But we hit a slight snag. For only being April, Myrtle Beach was packed with visitors. We were hoping to eat in Murrell’s Inlet, where they have some of the best seafood around, but every place had a 1-2 hour wait. Instead, we decided to mosey back into town, eventually coming across a quaint little Mexican restaurant where we had the funniest and nicest waiter ever. If there’s one thing I really, really love about down South, it’s the people. Everyone is just so friendly (much more so than us Northeasterners).

Zoe headed back to her dorm, and Mom and I went to the hotel to catch some much needed sleep. We woke up the next morning, tracked down coffee, and spent some time in Conway, which is closer to Zoe’s school. Before heading to the airport, we stopped by Grumpy Monks, a brewery with a seriously eclectic menu. The interior is really unique, and their selection of sushi, sandwiches and beer is weird, but definitely cool.

Mom and I dropped Zoe off so she could get ready for her fraternity’s formal and then headed to the airport. We grabbed a milkshake at Steak and Shake (I told you that eating was a central theme), hopped on our flight and headed home. It was a very successful 2-day trip.

I love taking quick vacations like this to S.C., but sometimes I wish I could stay a bit longer to really soak up the sun and beach… Then again, I’m sure my waistline is happy to be out of the land of all things fried and back home to its familiar salads and seltzer water.



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