What’s in the Box: April Glossybox Review


Hello all! Another month, another Glossybox. This month’s box was pretty great — it had a nice mix of products that are particularly well suited for the warmer weather that’s approaching.

In case you aren’t familiar, Glossybox is a subscription box that cost $21 a month and delivers 5 deluxe sample or full-size products. I’ve had the subscription for well over a year now, and it’s rare that I don’t like the boxes.

With that refresher in mind, let’s take a look at April’s box:


Not Your Mother’s: Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray (deluxe sample, ~$2)

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I recently chopped off my long hair for a lob. I’ love it so far, and have found that using a sea salt spray really helps give it the texture I like. So imagine my excitement when this month’s box just so happened to come with this Not Your Mother’s spray, which I’ve been wanting to try out.

I like how it’s not as sticky as some other sprays I’ve tried, but I also think that that gives it less texture than other options on the market. Personally, I’ve found that it works really well if I spray it in wet hair at night after a shower. The next morning, my hair is usually perfectly messy with LOTS of volume. Usually Glossybox shies away from drugstore brands, so I thought this was a nice change of pace (and something I can actually afford if I want to continue use after the sample is finished).


Studio 10 Brow Life Perfecting Liner (full size, $20)

Ahh eyebrows! I’m still mastering exactly how to make them look polished and professional, but not look like they were painted on by a clown. Recently I went out and bought Essence’s Make Me Brow gel, which some bloggers have called a $2 dupe to Benefit’s Gimme Brow. I really like it so far, but when I use it with this pencil, it’s so much better. The pencil has a highlighter on one end and a taupe pencil on the other. The pencil is ashy and matches my hair tone perfectly, plus it’s easy to apply without looking fake. Overall, a good find.


Leighton Denny Expert Nails: Nail Polish in Pillow Talk (full size, $16)

I love, love, love this berry hue. I needed a new spring color, so I applied this right away, topping it with a coat of Seche Vite (an amazing topcoat). While the color goes on smoothly and is very opaque, it doesn’t last nearly as long as I think a $16 nail polish should. After an application 3 days ago, it’s already chipping at the tips pretty bad — something that rarely happens when I use Seche Vite as a topcoat, even on crappy drugstore polish. It has cool packaging, but I’d say save your money and splurge on something else.


Unani Dermo Defense Face Mask (3.4 oz — I don’t know if that’s sample or full size. It doesn’t say.) 

This is the weirdest mask I’ve ever tried. It goes on as a clear gel and pretty much disappears during the 10 minutes you wear it. After time’s up, you’re supposed to rinse it off… though I can see people easily forgetting that step, as it really sinks into your skin. This is nothing like your typical mud mask. That said, that doesn’t mean it’s bad. I found it cooling and refreshing (aloe is listed as the first ingredient) and my skin did look pretty great after use. It’s definitely going to be a staple this summer, when I’ve gotten a bit too much sun and my face feels like it needs some soothing.


Biossance: The Nourisher (deluxe sample, full size costs $76)

I’ve had facial oil from this company before in a Glossybox. I love the little dropper it comes it! This one is a rose-based treatment that’s meant to nourish dried or stressed out skin. The rose is very faint, and the formula sinks into your skin quickly. While I like this (and it’s predecessor, The Revitalizer), I don’t see so much of a difference to justify spending $76 on a full size vial. It’s a good facial oil, don’t get me wrong, but I’m sure there are other (cheaper) ones out there too.


Overall, it was a pretty good month. I loved the variety in the products, and how it was a mix of high- and low-brow stuff. One thing that I really like about Glossybox is how it matches products to the seasons. They sense springtime in the air, and send you the products you need to get ready for it.

Have a thought or question about this month’s Glossybox? Share in the comments!



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