The Perfect Sunday


The weather outside this weekend was just gorgeous. I hope you got a chance to bask in the sunshine and take advantage of the early spring day.

I know I did.

On Sunday, Tom, Hannah, Jordan and I decided to go out for a hike. We all like going to Tecquan Glen, so we made the hour drive down to the southern edge of Lancaster County. We were excited to hike around the area… until we got there and realized that everyone else thought it would be the perfect place to hike too, and it was seriously packed.

If you’ve never been to Tecquan Glen, it’s a great little hiking spot that used to be relatively unknown. However, recently it has become extremely popular, thanks to its pristine views and relatively easy trail. It has a limited parking, and the neighbors are pretty hostile towards visitors parking in the streets, which leads to people getting towed.

That was something we wanted to avoid, so instead Jordan drove us to a lookout that oversees the Susquehanna River. It was really beautiful, so we hiked around a bit and snapped a few photos.

After the short hike, we headed back to Lancaster city. I had a certificate for Fat Pigs, a barbecue spot that’s located downtown. We had visited Fat Pigs before (after a previous hike) but were interested in trying out the new menu.


We started with some fried macaroni and cheese bites and fried pickles. The bites were okay, though I thought the needed a bit more cheese and seasoning. The tomato jam that came with them, though, was exceptionally good. The pickles were great, too (aren’t all fried pickles great, though?).

For an entrée, I chose the BBQ pulled pork quesadilla, which was loaded with great pulled pork and cheese. Tom got a sausage and shrimp po’ boy he was less thrilled with, while Hannah went with a burger topped with a crab cake. Jordan got the smoked wings and everyone had an order of fries.

The food was good — no great, but good. Now, the fries though, were spectacular — they’re hand cut, crispy and fried to a deep brown (which I love).

We ended with dessert, with Tom and I splitting the s’mores crème brulee and Hannah and Jordan sharing a slice of peanut butter pie.


With full bellies, we went home and decided that the 20-minute hike from earlier that day just didn’t justify such an extravagant meal. So, we took off to Ephrata’s Community Park and did a 30-minute loop around the quarry. It was the first time I had been there, but I love how scenic it was for being tucked away in Ephrata.

And after all that, Tom and I headed home and settled in to watch the Vinyl and Girls finales (if you aren’t watching these HBO shows, you should be).

All in all, it was a pretty perfect day.


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