Finding the Right Products for Your Hair


A few weeks ago I chopped off my lengthy locks for a shoulder-length lob. So far, I’ve been loving it, but I was fairly clueless how to style it immediately after the cut.

I had been growing out my hair for a long, long time (roughly 2+ years) after getting a super short bob (post-breakup, cliché, I know). It hung well below my shoulders, and had become my security blanket. But after slowly transitioning back to blonde and excessive heat styling, it was dead. It also just didn’t fit my life — I’m almost 25 years old, and was constantly getting mistaken as the youngest of my sisters. And FYI, I’m 6 years older than my youngest sis. -_-

So, I went to Salon MJM in Denver and told Bridget I needed a grown-up cut. I’d always admired a messy, wavy lob and she figured a cut that sat just at my shoulders would be perfect.

When I left, I had exactly what I wanted. But you know that feeling, right? When you get out bed the next day, shower and stay at your freshly cut hair in the mirror thinking How the hell do I make it look as good as it did yesterday?

Instead of big, messy hair, I got pageant curls after curling small sections with my curling iron. I knew I needed texture, but didn’t have a clue where to find something other than sea salt sprays that left my hair crunchy and flat.

So, I hit up Sephora.

I started looking around when one of the makeup artists, who was just about the nicest woman I’ve ever met, asked me if I’ve ever tried Bumble and Bumble. I had — their classic sea salt spray worked well at giving me some waves, but it left my hair too crunchy and weighed down… definitely not the look I was going for.

She suggested their new Surf Infusion spray. It’s a take on their classic Surf Spray, but it includes oil in the spray to soften thick, course hair. She took me to the mirror and started spraying it in my hair, twirling small sections around her finger as she went. It smells divine, and left me with wavy, piece-y hair. I loved it.

But she wasn’t done.

She shook out the waves and told me she was going to add some “magic” AKA Bumble’s Dryspun Thickening Spray. She wasn’t kidding. One spray, and my hair was big, messy and exactly what I was looking for. She explained how it’s used a lot in Fashion Week to give models that lived-in look, and in my hair, it leaves me with major volume and a lovely roughed-up texture that makes my hair look like it was just done in a salon. The night before, I shower and wash my hair. Then, when it’s damp I’ll spray in the Surf Infusion and scrunch/twirl my hair to give it some texture.


The next morning I wake up and either wrap pieces around a 1-inch curling iron or use my straightener for more of a natural bend. [Side note: If you’re interested in attaining perfectly messy hair, consider checking out hairstylist to the stars Jen Atkin’s Instagram. That’s where I found the straightener-wave technique and it’s genius.] Then I finish with a little Dryspun, and I’m good to go.

Bumble and Bumble’s prices are no joke — each of these products runs about $30 — but you can get smaller travel sizes (something I elected to do with the Surf Infusion) for half of that. I’ve never, ever spent that much money on hair care, but I can see now why it is more expensive. It outperforms any drugstore stuff I have, and I’ll be faithfully saving up my spare pennies for my next round.


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