Review:Tresemme Reverse Wash System

After recently chopping off my hair, I knew I had to switch up my products routine. This weekend I went and bought some new Bumble & Bumble goodies (which will be reviewed once I try them out for a few days), but I also have switched to a new shampoo and conditioning system that I’ve fallen in love with.

The Tresemme Reverse Wash system is different than your standard drugstore hair care lines. Instead of showering under the traditional routine — i.e. shampoo hair then smother it in conditioner and wait around for a few minutes — it reverses the process in the hopes of getting more volume.

With my move to short hair, I knew I needed something that wasn’t quite as heavy as my former products. After using the new system for about 2 weeks, I can safely say that it’s pretty great.

First off, the conditioner is amazing. It smells unbelievable (if I could bottle it and wear it as a perfume, I would) and leaves my hair super silky. You apply a few pumps first thing after getting your hair damp, and let it sit for a few minutes.

After you rinse it off, you apply the special shampoo that’s designed to wash away some of the weight of the conditioner. This is where I think the system is super successful. When I used to use really moisturizing conditioners, it would leave my thick hair really, really flat and lifeless. By conditioning first and washing after, I still get the moisturizing benefits of the conditioner without the heavy weight.

Overall, it’s a great system if you’re looking to switch things up and get some more volume in your hair. It’s affordable too, at roughly $4 a bottle (and you get a good amount — I think it will last me for at least 2 months).

And if you’re doubting that a drugstore brand can benefit your hair, consider this: When I went to Sephora this weekend, the makeup artist started playing with my hair and the new B&B products. At one point, with a fistful of hair in hand, she looked at me and said, “Your hair has so much moisture in it, you must use a really good shampoo and conditioner!” I just smiled and said, “Yes, yes I do.”


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