Time for a Haircut?


‘Ello all.

I’m just getting over a bought of pneumonia (though I still have a pesky cough), which has meant a total lack of motivation to do anything — including blog posts. Sorry!

One thing I did manage to do while I was sick was to go get a haircut. I’ve been growing out my hair for the past year or two, and it had become a long, bleached, dead mess.

I was ready for something a little more grown-up and a whole lot easier to style. Enter the lob.

It’s a bob that’s slightly too long. In my case, the stylist cut a bunch of long layers so they hit the top of my shoulder. I can still pull it up, but using a curling iron now takes half the time it used it.

I went from this (excuse the crazy face):


To this:


So far, I love it! I haven’t found the exact right combination of products yet to give it that messy, wavy look I love, but I’m digging how much quicker I can get ready in the morning.

If you’re thinking about the chop, here are a few things to consider:

  • Know your options. I knew I wanted a lob, thanks to years of pinning the style on Pinterest. But there are lots of choices out there. Consider if you want something sleek and sophisticated or young and edgy. Also take into account your tolerance for maintenance — lobs can be wash-and-go or require a few extra minutes in the morning, depending on how you want it to look.
  • Look at your face shape. I have a round face and full cheeks, so I knew anything above my chin would make me look even wider. Do a quick Google search to make sure the cut you want is the cut that will look best.
  • Communication is key! I can’ t stress this enough. Everyone has those stories where they wanted one thing, but their hair stylist gave them something totally on the other end of the spectrum. Don’t be afraid to bring pictures, tell your stylist what you want and always speak up if something doesn’t seem right. Going in, I knew I wanted a pretty drastic chop, so I made sure to tell my stylist not to be too worried about cutting off length (BTW I saw Bridget at MJM Salon in Denver. Highly recommended!)

I love changing up my hair, but it can be a scary process. Knowing what you want, what you’ll realistically do to care for it and having a few Pinterest pictures can make a world of a difference.


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