A Timesaving Tip


Today, I have a quick and easy way to both save time and money while ensuring your eyeliner stays put.

I’m someone who needs to wear eyeliner on a daily basis. Without it, my big blue eyes look cartoonish.

The trouble has always been, though, that no matter what eyeliner I use, it never stays put. Nope, not even the long-lasting formulas. I’ll swipe some on in the morning, look awesome, and by lunch my lids are an oily, smeared mess.

The other day, my black eyeliner pencil was kaput and I was running late. In a fit of desperation, I grabbed my eyeliner brush, opened up my waterproof mascara and smudged on a quick cat eye.

That day, I was amazed that every time I went to the bathroom and checked my face in the mirror, my eyeliner was still perfectly intact. I don’t mean that most of it was there — I mean that everything, even down to the small flick on the corners of my eye, was as it was that morning.

That became even more impressive when I went running, came home, and noticed it still was there, albeit a little more smeared. It didn’t flake, it didn’t crack and it didn’t dry out my eyes, either.


Since then, I’ve been hooked. Every day I’ve been using my waterproof mascara as liner and I love it. It’s the first and only product that’s lasted all day on my lids. And it means when I travel, I have one less thing to carry.

Oh yeah, and for those of you thinking Cool idea, but no way am I trying to remove that at the end of the day, I have a trick for you too! If you aren’t following Korean skincare yet, here’s a quick rundown. It’s a process that involves several steps to take care of your skin. I’ve been (loosely) following the concept for a bit and recently purchased the Clean It Zero Sherbet Cleanser.

Part of Korean skincare is double cleansing. Basically, the idea is that you first use an oil-based balm or gel on dry skin to remove makeup and oil (the chemistry behind it: like removes like), and then follow it up with my glycolic cleanser to actually clean and treat the skin. The sherbet cleanser is amazing, easily removing stubborn makeup and refreshing my skin. Plus, my complexion’s never looked better (and more to the point of this post, it’s never been easier to remove waterproof mascara).


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