Mid-Week Product Review: NYX Wonder Stick


I’ve always been interested in contouring with my makeup, but terrified I’d end up looking like the plastic-seeming Kardashians. Plus, the whole idea of it is pretty complex — put dark makeup here, shimmery stuff here, throw on a regular color over there and don’t do too much. It’s a bit overwhelming.

If you’re not familiar, contouring involves using a variety of shades of foundation/bronzer/highlighter to emphasize “good” parts of your face — i.e. your cheekbones, brow bones, etc., — while darkening other areas to give the illusion of a more sculpted, thinner appearance.

The job has always been for those more advanced at makeup, but a new discovery may help make it more manageable for us novices.

The NYX Wonder Stick comes in a variety of shades, but there is a similar concept going on. On one end, a darker, cream bronze that you swipe in the hollows of your cheeks and down the sides of your nose, while a lighter color can go over those desired cheekbones. The shade combinations include a universal option, one for light skin tones, one for medium and one for dark.

I bought one on the advice of my little sister Zoe a while ago. I’ve been using it intermittently since, and thought I’d share my thoughts since it seems to be picking up in popularity.

First of all, it definitely helps with those of us who are beginners at makeup. Even though I’ve played around with all sorts of powders and shades for a while, I still haven’t quite mastered the complete art of contouring. The easy-to-use stick means all I have to do now is draw some lines and smudge them, since the formulas are super useable and wearable.

However, the one downside is that the light end, for me, isn’t light or shimmery enough to really act as a highlight. The darker end works better, though it seems to disappear as the day goes on and can become slightly waxy over time.


I’ve found the best use is for contouring your nose. The slender shape of the stick makes it so easy and quick to swipe down the sides of your nose, which really helps to slim it down. The darker color when placed under my cheekbones really does help make my cheekbones pop, but the cream formula only lasts an hour or two before disappearing.

At $12, it’s worth a shot if you have skin that’s on the dryer side and you like working with cream-based products. Personally, I think my favorite powder bronzer and shimmery off-white highlighter pop more on my skin, though they are trickier to use. Overall, I’d give it a solid 3 out of 5.


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