Friday Favorites

Hey all! It’s Friday. Thank God. I don’t know if it was the moving in the beginning of the week or what, but this week just felt super long and super tiring.

Because of that, I thought I’d share a quick post with some of the coolest stuff I found online this week. From a fun recipe for your SuperBowl party to an awesome money-saving app, here are a few Friday reads:

Digit.  I’ve heard about Digit before, but never really understood exactly how it worked. Today, I signed up and, guys, I am SO excited. Here are the basics: The app links up to your bank account and uses a special algorithm to study your spending habits. After it learns what your bills and paydays look like, it uses that information to transfer small amounts of money that you won’t miss from you checking account to a savings account that Digit hosts. It sounds sketchy, but I swear it’s legit. Everything is backed by the FDIC, it comes with overdraft protection so if it takes out too much (which, from what I’ve read, rarely happens) it will repay all fees. It’s a lazy way to save, and since it takes out the money in small increments (think the equivalent of a cup of coffee here, a lunch bill there), you won’t even miss it. When you want to use your savings, you send a simple text and the money goes back into your checking account. Cool, right? (Psssst if you want to join, use my referral code:

Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese. It’s Super Bowl weekend! That means an entire day gloriously spent on football and consuming large amounts of fried food and cheese. I’m headed to a small party on Sunday, and we each are tasked with bringing something. Originally I was slated for buffalo chicken dip, but after a little digging and deciding I wanted something a little more substantial (the other menu items include dips and some wings… not quite enough for a dinner), I settled on this beauty. The recipe just requires a crock-pot, and a massive amount of cheese… perfect.

CoverGirl Clean Pressed Powder. Finally, here’s a little something for my beauty folks out there. The other morning, what was left of my favorite powder foundation shattered (ugh). At lunch, I ran out to Target and grabbed whatever matte, pressed powder was available, which happened to be this awesome drugstore find. It’s meant to be a finishing powder, I think, but I’ve been using it as a foundation and love it so far. It helps control oil and has decent, buildable coverage that doesn’t seem too cakey. Plus it was $7. I mean, come on. That’s more than $30 cheaper than my standard Urban Decay option! Try it out, trust me.

Did you find something cool this week? Let me know! Happy Friday everyone!


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