This Week’s Reads

I spend an exorbitant amount of time on the computer, both for my job and for fun. I love reading the latest news and blog sites. Because of that, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite reads from this week:

This is the Year I Stop Picking At Myself Like a Freak: God, could a headline ever relate more to my life? This personal essay discusses one my worst bad habits: skin picking. It’s an embarrassing thing to admit, but something I also want to work on this year. The essay’s humorous take looks at the serious issue of why it’s so hard, but necessary, to stop picking.

Worried About Money? Read This. Going along with the resolution theme, this article complete with a 4-week get-your-shit-together list was inspiring to read and made financial management seem a little easier. I haven’t started the 4 week challenge yet, but once things settle down a bit (AKA after I move) I plan to implement its money-savvy ideas.

Utterly WTF Restaurant Stories. I’m a huge, huge fan of Jezebel and Gawker. Since the media company went through a revamp, it also got rid of one of my favorite weekly blog posts, Behind Closed Ovens. The original blog was on jezebel’s sub-blog, Kitchenette, and was a weekly gathering of 5-10 truly crazy, but real-life, stories from servers, hosts and others in the restaurant business. It’s since moved over to Wonkette under a new name, but each Monday at 11 a.m. you bet I’m checking the stories and reminiscing about my time as a waitress. (Psstt — make sure you read the comments. Some of the best stories get pushed down there.)

The 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine is a Radical Act of Feminist Self Care. I don’t currently follow the Korean skin care routine (too much effort), but the idea that taking time for yourself each day to pamper your skin is a feminist notion is an intriguing one. A great think-piece for my fellow beauty lovers.

PA Farm Show: A Preview of Some of the New Dishes in the Food Court. This is for all my Lancaster County readers. The Farm Show is officially back this weekend. Though I’ll be out of town for a good chunk of Saturday, I’d love to sneak up sometime and check out some of the show’s latest offerings (hellooo chocolate covered bacon).


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