Time Warp: The 90s Are Calling


Remember Bonne Bell Lip Shades? I definitely do. I use to stash tons of the mocha-toned lipsticks the smelled like sickly sweet vanilla and had a super cool flip-up top.

Good news: It’s baaaaack.

Not Lip Shades (sadly). I’m talking about mocha shades of lipstick in general. Growing up, all of the cool celebrities (looking at you Spice Girls) wore the trendy brown-mauve shade. Now it’s returned, thanks to this generation’s “cool” celebrities (aka Kylie Jenner) who are bringing the plaid, grunge look from my childhood back into fashion.

Aside from my tween days, I’ve steered clear of lipstick in general. But a few months ago I fell hard for a mauve-brown lipliner I got in a Glossybox. I began to use it as lipstick, but realizing how impractical it was to use a tiny pencil to fill in my lips everyday, I decided to hunt down some real, grown-up stuff.

After a little research online, it’s pretty clear that the beauty world stands firmly behind the hard-to-find Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita as the best bet for a classic 90s mauve pout. Unwilling to dish out the $20 for the stuff until I knew for sure I would actually wear it regularly, though, I decided to hunt down a drugstore alternative for a test run.

That’s when I picked up Maybelline’s Color Sensational Lipcolor in Barely Brown. I wasn’t expecting much, but oh man, is this stuff good.


Personally, I think the shade is gorgeous. It’s definitely browner than Lolita or even the lipliner I adored, but I really like it. Since my skin has so much red it in, I think the extra brown is actually more flattering. Plus, at $4, it was a bargain.

It lasts through my morning coffee and giant jug of water. I usually reapply after lunch and it stays put until dinner. You can’t beat that. Better than all of this stuff, though, is the fact that it doesn’t feel like a lipstick. One reason I used to never wear lipstick is because I hate its weird thick, waxy, dry feeling. This one, though, goes on more like a balm.

I plan on seeking out some more shades from the brand, simply because I like it that much. And maybe one day (if I hit that damn Powerball), I’ll make the plunge for Lolita.


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