Feeling Fresh with TonyMoly’s Lemon Sheet Mask


Another week, another mask. This week I tested out the TonyMoly I’m Real Lemon Brightening Sheet Mask (you can get a 2-pack here for $7.50 or you can scour Amazon/EBay for cheaper variety packs, like I did).

According to its Sephora description, these lemon-oil infused sheet masks “transform dull, dry skin into invigorated, radiant skin in as little as 20 minutes. Lemon extract helps rejuvenate skin, lighten and brighten uneven skin tone, and deliver a super fresh fragrance.”

Transform your skin may be a little strong of a phrase, but Sephora wasn’t kidding about their super fresh fragrance.

With a new Real Housewives set on the DVR, I popped open the lemon mask last night for a little self-pampering. The first thing I noticed was the smell — super bright, very fresh and very, very lemon-y. It’s not a bad smell, though it did remind me slightly of the Saturday mornings my mom spends spraying down the house with Pledge.


Once I put it on, though, I could see why it promises to rejuvenate your skin. It has the same moisturizing properties I’ve come to love from sheet masks, but the lemon gives it a tightening and cleansing aspect that’s especially nice for oily skin. While the other sheet masks I’ve tried make my skin feel super saturated (and sometimes overly oily), these felt clean and cool on my skin. I didn’t notice any amazing brightening properties, but it did seem to help tone down the redness in my face, which was especially prevalent from an earlier workout session.

Overall, I liked it. Honestly, it was probably my favorite so far (I’ve only tried 3 though, so let’s not go crazy). Still, I feel like I haven’t found the exact right one that could become my go-to, though I still have a lot to try out.

Curious about what I thought of the other masks? Check out why I started these regular posts here, and what I thought of TonyMoly’s I’m Real Rice Milk Mask here.


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