La Promesa: A Great Find in Ephrata, Pa.


Tom and I finally found a place to live! After a few weeks of searching, we signed the lease yesterday for a nice townhouse in Ephrata.

During our hunt, we ate out A LOT. It felt like we had a showing almost every day. By the time I had rushed home, met up with Tom, met with the realtor and walked through the rental unit, it would be late and I would be starving. After checking out a place on Main Street one night a few weeks ago, Tom and I decided to walk up the street to La Promesa for dinner.

It’s probably a good thing we didn’t go for that apartment, since it could have been dangerous living that close to this restaurant.

La Promesa is a tiny little restaurant that blends several different popular dishes from Central and South America, and the Caribbean. This isn’t your traditional Mexican hot spot. Instead, the menu features a range of items, including empanadas, tacos, pupusas, tamales as well as traditional steak, pork and chicken entrees. It’s a limited menu, but everything kind of works together to give you plenty of options.

It was our first time there, and I asked another diner what they recommended. She suggested the pupusas, a dish I haven’t had since college in D.C. Pupusas are basically a thick corn tortilla that’s filled with cheese, meat, beans or any other savory filling. It’s kind of like a Salvadorian stuffed corn pancake. It’s served with a cabbage salad and thin red mild sauce. I got the pork and cheese ones, which had super finely ground pork mixed with a white cheese. They were better than I remembered, with lots of flavor.


Tom settled on a mix of beef empanadas and chicken tacos. The tacos are different than our beloved Mexican street-style ones from Borimex — these are deep fried and topped with tomatoes, lettuce and sour cream. I didn’t try the tacos, but they definitely looked good and Tom seemed to like them (not as much as Borimex though). The empanadas on the other hand were awesome — super flaky with just a little spice.



We washed down everything with horchata, a sweet creamy drink that has a hint of cinnamon. It was perfect.

Overall, I loved this little find. The food was really good, and it was a nice change of pace from Borimex (since, you know, we visit there at least once a week). If you’re just going for tacos, I’d stick with a traditional Mexican joint. But if you want something a little different (or if you’ve never had pupusas), check it out. Plus the place is extremely affordable — we got enough food to take home for just over $20.

While we didn’t take the apartment that was a block away, our new place is just a short drive down the street… and I’m already envisioning ordering take-out for those late-work nights.

La Promesa can be found at 52 E Main St, Ephrata, just by the Royer building. They’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



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