Sheet Mask of the Week: TonyMoly I’m Real Rice Mask


It’s been a little while, so I thought I’d do a quick write-up of the latest sheet mask I tried from my TonyMoly arsenal: the I’m Real Rice Mask.

I love that you can open these babies up, slap it on and force yourself to chill out. With the stress of finding an apartment recently, it’s been great to spend a night treating my skin while binge-watching Scandal.

The sheet masks seem to work better for hydration more than anything else, though that’s great for the winter (although, it’s currently 60 degrees outside right now… not that I’m complaining).


As with the tomato one I tried out last week, this one has a cool, calming feel. I loved the smell of the mask, much more than the tomato one, and the serum it came with was more a milky consistency that dried faster than the oily serum from the one last week. It’s meant to clear your skin, and since I was in major breakout mode, I thought I’d give it a try.

While I liked putting on the mask (especially since it lacked that itch-factor I got from last week’s option), I wasn’t a huge fan of how I looked the next day. It seemed like it clogged my pores in areas of my face, leaving small whiteheads. It wasn’t a huge deal, but not exactly the “clear skin” look I was going for. Overall impression: meh. Good thing they were so cheap.


TonyMoly I’m Real Rice Sheet Mask
Pros: Lovely smell, feels great on.
Cons: Made me break out, no noticeable effects on skin
Overall: 2.5 out of 5


5 thoughts on “Sheet Mask of the Week: TonyMoly I’m Real Rice Mask

    • Ha! So many! Actually I bought a whole variety pack of these sheet masks on Amazon for $14, so I’ve been slowly trying them out as I go along. Personally, I love Sesha’s Cell-White Brightening Mask, which is also a sheet mask. For a traditional clay mask, Aztec’s Amazonian Clay — which you mix with apple cider vinegar — is awesome. I think I have reviews if you click back through some of my older beauty posts! 🙂

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