Starting the 2016 Resolution Kick Early

Anybody else feeling a little chunky after the holiday?

Well that was a nice holiday break. Did you miss me? I spent the last few days lounging around eating wayyy too much pumpkin pie, turkey and filling. I feel like Lightnin’ (aka my beautiful bulldog, pictured above).

It’s that time of year again. You know, that time when your clean eating plan and exercise regime falls apart thanks to the too-busy-to-think holiday season filled with an endless supply of sweets.

It’s hit me. I’ve been feeling quite sluggish and heavy lately, ever since I lost my routine when Tom came home (not that I’m complaining) and the cold weather hit (that, on the other hand, sucks). So, I decided that instead of giving up and stuffing my face, just waiting until Jan 1. 2016 to get back on a healthy track, I’m going to start now.

The idea is to make simple, small changes to get back on track. While I love making resolutions each year, going from eating pumpkin pie for breakfast every day in December to chugging green smoothies in January is overwhelming and makes it hard to stick to healthy habits. These 5 small changes, on the other hand, are an easier way to keep the holiday weight gain at bay.

  1. Drink more water. Anybody else drink a few too many glasses of wine over the holidays? I kept it pretty tame the past few days, but I definitely haven’t been drinking the amount of water I should be. Couple that with more cocktails than usual, and I’ve been having headaches and feeling bloated thanks to the dehydration. Luckily there’s a simple fix: Aim to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water each day. I love flavored seltzer (especially La Croix’s Mango) as a sneaky way to drink more every day.
  2. Move more. I had a FitBit Flex for a year. I was obsessed with it. I loved tracking my steps and would try to take the long way around the office, or park in the back, just to get closer to 10,000 a day. Sadly, the flex broke a few times before I got fed up and stopped wearing it. When I stopped tracking, I stopped moving. But thanks to some awesome Cyber Monday deals ($30 off the FitBit Charge HR), I ordered a new tracker. While it’ll be great to use for working out (more on that below), I also love how it inspires me to just move more. I don’t know anyone who has the time for an hour-plus workout every day. But simply getting up for a 5-minute walk every hour is easy to do (and even better when you can track it).
  3. Couch-to-5K. One of the things I was doing before I hit holiday-slowdown mode was working my way through the C25K app. I had made it to week 5, was down about 10 pounds and more in shape than I was in high school. Then I traveled, stopped using the app and lost focus. Everyone who’s hesitant about running should try this free app. It starts you out slow and really helps build endurance. You do the program 3 times a week, with the app tracking your progress and keeping time as you run and listen to music. I (used to) HATE running… but I fell in love with this app.
  4. Less carbs, more veggies. It’s no secret that I’m a bread-and-pasta junkie. While I’ve never really had a strong sweet tooth, I’m the person grabbing a baguette and some cheese for pre-dinner snack. I love it. That said, carbs are my enemy when it comes to weight loss and just feeling good in general. I notice when I load up on carbs I feel heavy and slow, and I break out a lot more and just feel bleh. Simply adding a bit more protein and veggies is a healthy way to drop a few pounds… and more importantly, feel better overall.
  5. Stay accountable. One reason I posted this on here is to force myself to stay accountable for these changes. I also am going to use MyFitnessPal to track both my FitBit (when it arrives!) and my daily calories. Come New Year’s Eve I don’t want to be frustrated and staring at my closet worrying about what clothes will look good. By starting now with these easy, yet important, changes, I figure I can enter 2016 on a healthy track that will make it much more possible to complete those seemingly impossible 2016 resolutions. Who’s with me?

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