What’s In The Box? — October Glossybox Review


So, as I mentioned in my last post, when I arrived home from San Antonio late Friday evening and exhausted from my trip, there was one major bright spot: Two brand new beauty boxes had arrived. One of them was my Glossybox.


This month’s Glossybox was one of the cutest ones I’ve received yet. It was a French theme, and so well thought out. The box itself was absolutely gorgeous (and will be saved) and the products inside each had a Parisian flair…

image image

… And I loved absolutely everything. Here’s a breakdown:


De Bruyere Paris Red Lipgloss (full size, $17.50)

One of the most striking things when I opened the box was the true-red tones of this lip gloss and matching red nail polish (more on that below). The color in the tube is beautiful — one of those real reds that you usually only find in higher-end brands. When worn, it’s less jarring and more coral-toned. While I don’t wear lip color all that often, I definitely am excited to slap on a coat the next time I go out.


LOLLIPOPS Paris Nail Polish in Voyage a Paris (full size, $10)

As mentioned above, the nail polish was about the same deep red color as the lipstick. Since red nail polish is my jam, I tried it out the very next day.  I love the classic look it gives to short nails. (Anybody else distinctly remember being envious about similar manicures on Lauren Conrad while watching The Hills? No? Just me? …Okay fine, I’m crazy.) The formula is long lasting too — I’ve had it on for a few days now and it’s still kicking without a chip. That’s much better than the wear-and-immediately-tear red I wore to San Antonio.




Le Soft Perfum in Nemamiah (full size, $35)

Glossybox really went all-out with the French theme. Solid perfume just seems so French to me, and this has one of the prettiest packages I’ve seen (my inner graphic designer was geeking out). You swipe it on pressure points, and even comes with a handy chart to help you find the best places to put it on. As far as the scent itself, it’s pretty, if not underwhelming, with ginger and citrus notes. I’m someone who likes to coat myself in perfume, so while this might be nice for touch-ups on the go, I don’t think it will replace my go-to Chloe perfume anytime soon.


PHYTO Repairing Thermal Protectant Spray (deluxe sample, ~$12)

This is a great find. I’m always looking for thermal protectant that can help out my poor, dried out hair, but usually I forget to purchase it, think it smells funny or convince myself I don’t really need it. But, as someone with bleached hair, I appreciate any help I can get. This stuff is lightweight and has a pleasant scent and sprays on really easily. I’ve been putting it in my damp hair before bed, and my hair is a little softer and smoother when I wake up.


Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep Recovery Night Balm (deluxe sample, ~$10.50)

AHHH. It’s rare I get a box and find a product that I love so much I know I’ll buy it when I run out of the sample. This may be the one. It’s a pretty pink balm that’s thicker than a moisturizer. Since it’s from France, the instructions were a bit hard to understand. But, after researching it I discovered that it’s a thicker mask-like balm that you’re supposed to use 3-4 times a week overnight to help your skin recover. As a self-confessed pimple popper (yes, it’s bad. I know, I know), this stuff is a miracle. I smothered some on after I got home from my flight, and the next morning you couldn’t even tell I had spent the entire day before squished on a plane operating on 3 hours of sleep. (Plus it smells like rose — which I’m a sucker for — and is only $35 for a full size jar. That’s reasonable compared to most high-end balms.)

This is one of the best boxes I’ve ever received. Every month I reassess whether the $21 is worth it or not, and with a value well over $70 this month, this box reaffirmed my commitment. I was so in love with everything, even the solid perfume, which will come in handy on my road trip next week. A++

What did you think of your Glossybox? Let me know in the comments! Also stay tuned for my ipsy review.


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