A {Better/Cheaper} Cleansing Conditioner Option

collection-solutions-cleansing-conditioner-rosemary-mintI’ve always wanted to try Wen.

I know you’ve seen the infomercials. Women with gorgeous, long, thick hair twirl on TV after using the cleansing conditioner, noting how much healthier it is for hair and shaming you for using your crappy, drugstore brand shampoo.

Since I’m getting ready to go a little blonder  in a few weeks (and definitely ashier. This orange has got to go), I’ve wanted to cut back on how often I shampoo, which right now, is every day.

[I know, shampooing every day bad for you because of the oils and it will kill it and blah, blah, blah. But, I can’t just not wet and wash my hair. It feels gross.]

So, I thought a cleansing conditioner could be a nice compromise. Not willing to shell out $30 for Wen, though, I went with a $6.99 knockoff I’d heard about from the online community: Renpure.

You can find the brand at Target, and it’s clearly going after the broke-but-I-want-nice-things crowd (myself included) since it has similar (if not identical) scents to Wen and the same promise of healthy hair in a single step.

So far, I’m pretty impressed. I’ve been using it every other shower and feel like it leaves my hair super soft and not too greasy. Since I shower at night, sometimes I’ll have to hit my hair with some dry shampoo in the morning, but that’s usually only if I manage to get my butt up at 5 a.m. and work out. It definitely weighs hair down a little, though, and note that you aren’t getting that freshly shampooed feeling with this stuff.

There’s been some questions online, but here’s what I’ve found works best. Put a bunch (think 10 pumps for shoulder-length hair) in your palm and add a dash of water to make it easier to work with. Massage it into your head, really paying attention to your scalp. You want to “shampoo” it in.

Then let it sit. Wash your face, shave, whatever. Just let that sit for at least 3-5 minutes.

Then, rinse the hell out of it.

Seriously. Most of the negative reviews I’ve seen say that their hair seems greasy or has a coating on it. When I first used it, I rinsed it about the same length that I do my normal conditioner, and had similar results. So make sure you rinse for, like, double the amount of time to be on the safe side. Miss this step and you will look like a grease-ball.

And that’s about it. Personally, I like that it simplifies my routine, though with all the scrubbing and rinsing you need to do for it to work properly, you’re not really saving much time in the shower department. I think it’s a pretty great find. (For a knock-off, that is. I guess my longing to try $30 Wen will just have to wait.)


RenPure Solutions Rosemary Mint Cleansing Condition
3.5 out of 5
$6.99 at Target
Pros: Hair stays soft, much cheaper than Wen, aren’t killing your hair slowly with shampoo; cheap.
Cons: Finicky to use; Can weigh-down hair or be greasy; need a lot of product to use.


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