Yeah, That’s My Kind of Night [AKA seeing Luke Bryan]


Friday was such a beautiful day. Full of sunshine and clear skies and beautiful temperatures.

Saturday, to say the least, was completely f*cking opposite. Which was greeaaattttt timing, since I had tickets to see Luke Bryan at the Susquehanna Bank Center —an outdoor venue — that night.

Hannah asked me a few months ago if I wanted to see Luke (I swear, every country star is known by their first name, like they’re your friends or something). I used to hate country music, but after seeing Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean a few years ago with my sisters, I fell in love. Of course I said yes.

So Saturday, despite the pouring down rain, Hannah, Jordan and I, along with Hannah’s co-workers, gathered up all of the ponchos and beer we had and trekked down to Camden, NJ.

But, not before we came up with the perfect outfit. Because — if you haven’t been to a country show — dressing up is half of the fun. I went with some high-waisted cutoffs, a black crop top, flannel, work boots and a bandana to top it all off. Hannah went with a light-wash shorts, long sleeve black t-shirt and a flannel tied around her waist. Topped off with cowboy boots, of course.


As we sped down the turnpike, we suspiciously eyed the skies and kept trying to convince ourselves that it was clearing… and after enough hoping and wishing it came true! In fact, despite the heavy downpours all day, it rained only a few drops the entire concert.

We spent the afternoon tailgating, drinking whatever beer we had rounded up in the cooler and making friends with others packed in nearby cars. We finally headed in just as the opener was finishing up, and after waiting in a GOD AWFUL line for the bathroom, we headed up to the lawn to see Luke.

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If you’ve never listened to Luke Bryan, and you’re one of those people who just HATES COUNTRY OMG, give him a try. He’s much more poppy than other country stars, and I think he has a great personality that shines through in his music (plus, he isn’t bad to look at either…shhh don’t tell tom).


The concert was awesome. We danced and sang off-tune to his biggest hits all night.  Even Jordan, who has never listened to a Luke Bryan (or really any country) song in his life, had a good time.


For all those people out there saying country sucks, give it a chance — even if you don’t like the music, drinking and hanging outside with thousands of other people who are just having a good time can still make for a memorable night.


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