The summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean ice cream season went away with it.

All summer, I’ve heard such great things about the new Fox Meadows Creamery in Ephrata. But, I’ve also heard how packed the place can get, so I’ve steered clear, waiting for the crowds to die down.

This past week, Hannah, Jordan, Mom and I thought that a cool, rainy night would be a perfect night to check the place out.

Fox Meadows is a new creamery located on 322 in Ephrata. They serve a huge selection of homemade ice cream and offer some pretty unique flavors like lavender and famous Wilbur Chocolate chocolate ice cream. They also have a country store inside that sells goodies like bacon jam, Stroopwafels and Boylan soda. The place is extremely home-y and has a big wrap around porch where you can sit on a rocking chair, eating ice cream or sipping on coffee. It’s new, but it’s already made a name for itself in Lancaster County.

When we arrived, we first went over to the small country store to check things out. It was smaller than I expected, but I enjoyed that you could buy tubs of their homemade ice cream and find quirky treats, like the Stroopwafels. Plus, if you visit earlier in the day, you can actually watch them making the ice cream through a big window in the side of the store.

image image image

After checking it out, we got in line for ice cream. Yes. There was a line at the ice cream store. On a cold, rainy Thursday night in September.

I went with the sampler — 4 “mini” scoops of ice cream — in a waffle bowl. I chose honeyed lavender, salted caramel pretzel, Wilbur chocolate and pumpkin pie.


I’m sorry, but I can’t pick a favorite. The lavender was a unique, fresh choice that I really enjoyed, but the salted caramel pretzel was just so rich and had that whole sweet&salty thing going for it. Pumpkin pie tasted just like a real pumpkin pie (which I love), and you can never go wrong with a rich, creamy chocolate. They were all fantastic.

Honestly, I hope the place stays open at least through the fall, because I want to go back to try some of the other flavors they had, like coconut fudge or birthday cake. Plus, they offer a huge menu of different coffee and tea drinks that can help ward off that autumn chill.

If you’re interested in checking it out (and you should be!), Fox Meadows is located at 2475 West Main Street in Ephrata, out past Twin Pines Auto on 322.


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