Mexican Food in the Middle of Nowhere

Chicken chimichanga.

It may not be thought of as a foodie capital, but Lancaster definitely has some pretty great spots for food. To me, though, nothing is better than a tiny Mexican grocery store located on 322, just past WalMart in Ephrata.

La Borimex has gained a small following around the area. It’s simple, flavorful and authentic Mexican food — often at less than $10 an entree. Definitely a spot that meets a need sorely missed in a town filled with pork and kraut.

It’s kind of Tom and mine “spot.”  We stopped by at least once a week until he left, filling up on tacos, chimichangas and burritos, but always saving room for a piece of flan (and always proceeding to fight over said flan with our spoons like two characters from GOT).

It’s kind of a dive — but that’s why I love it.  It traditionally was a Mexican grocery store that served up food on the side. As more became familiar with the food, the owners took out several of the grocery-stocked shelves and instead packed the place with tables and chairs. Now, only small stands stocked with traditional Mexican goodies, phone cards and other trinkets remain in spaces where a table or chair isn’t squished in. One of the best (funniest? weirdest?) things about the restaurant is that it went from a handful of regulars to being packed with Amish and Mennonite families, especially on a Friday or Saturday night.

The menu features the norm  — tacos, enchiladas, nachos, etc. But, holy cow, the food is nothing like you get at a chain.

Tacos and nachos

The tacos are fantastic, and at 3 for $5, you can’t beat it. Two small corn tortillas wrap around your choice of meat, cilantro and onion. If you’re looking for something heartier, the chimichangas and chilaquiles are some of my favorites, as are the (new) chorizo nachos for an app.


Top it off (or if you’re like me, smother it) with some of their famous salsa verde, grab a bottle of Mexican coke from the cooler and save some room for dessert.

If you learn anything from this blog, learn that smothering salsa verde is a MUST at La Borimex.

You can find La Borimex at 1623 E. Division Highway in Ephrata. And if you think I’m exaggerating, just google the place and read its page after page of  5 star reviews. I’m not kidding people — this place is seriously good.


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